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The KING NETWORKING business is an Organization with a great technology, we built Website, develop App, makes graphics design and many more. We teach you those things to monetize you forever. Maintaining these values as our relationship begins is a core value of ours, and we are very excited to tell your more about what we do.

Why We're Great


Taking the time to fully understand how to proceed is atop our list of priorities.


Every step of the process will be handled by our team with true professionalism.

Cutting Edge

We stay on the cutting edge of the industry to ensure you are always working with the best.


We pride ourselves on being people people, and always work to provide a comfortable experience.


We always perform our projects with the utmost quality and integrity.


The fact that our work has spread to regions all of the globe is a true indication of our quality.


Loving what you do is the first step in delivering quality work every time - and we do.


We always maximize our resources to work hard and come in under budget every time.


Our backgrounds afford us the ability to see things from a number of different perspectives.


The Team

Our KING NETWORKING services center around our customers' most basic issues and openings for a desireable solution: technique, quality, expertise, delivery, efficiency, and sharpness. We bring profound, useful aptitude, and are known for our all encompassing point of view: we catch an incentive crosswise over limits and between the existing solutions of any of our customers. We have demonstrated a multiplier impact from streamlining the aggregate of the parts, not simply the individual pieces.

King ola-gold

Chief Executive Officer

Olamilekan, our founder and director, boasts years of industry expertise and an inspirational commitment to our vision. Without leadership like this, we would not be who we are today.

Rep lefty


Timilehin joined the company in 2019 as Director and add efforts to develop cutting edge processes to dominate the industry. His passion for the company is a source of inspiration throughout the ranks.

Alex King

Project Manager

Alex’s dedication to her position is second to none. She is well respected by her team as well as the entire industry. She has been meeting deadlines and getting things done right with us since 2012.

Tim Roberts

Client Relations Specialist

Tim joined the team in 2011 and has spent his entire working career in customer relations and continues to excel in his field.

Jacob Lee

Human Resources Manager

Jacob has a long history in HR. Before he joined the team in 2009, he spent the previous ten years as HR manager at Business Industry’s headquarters in London.

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